Animal trapping has been around since early settlements and usually serves as a way to capture animals for apparel, trading purposes, décor, pest control, or wildlife management. Traps come in a variety of shapes and styles and we have everything you need here at Johnson’s Fur. From safeguard traps to fur stretchers, make sure when you’re looking for quality trapping equipment, you look here first.





Johnson started trapping in 1951. Some 25 years later he opened up his shop in the basement of his home. He started out buying other people's catch and then selling the fur. Animals most commonly brought to the shop are red and gray foxes, muskrats, minks, raccoons, and possums. The usual skinning process involves removing fur from the carcass. The fur is then fleshed - that is, all of the excess meat and flesh is removed. From there the fur process is started.


Trapping is an art, and for such an art, you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them. No problem! We will be happy to show you what traps and accessories we have in stock. Come to our shop to find a full line of trapping needs and accessories!



Johnson’s Fur is known for exactly that – our furs. Using our special technique and dedication to a masterful process, we take special pride in giving you the fur you have always wanted. Whether you are going to display it in your living room or wear it when your hands are cold, we can give you what you want and make your job easy.






As soon as you have trapped an animal, bring it right to Johnson’s Fur, and we will quickly begin the process. First, we skin the animal and remove all the hide from the carcass then we stretch out the hide on a fur stretcher. Our stretchers are adjustable to place an even tension throughout the entire length of the animal so you walk away with a beautiful piece of fur. We also sell stretchers if you would like to learn and do the process yourself.


If you have a fur on hand or are not interested in keeping your fur, no problem, we will just buy your raw fur from you. All you have to do is stop by the shop with your catch. Our furs are then sold to brokers.


Looking to get your furs tanned so you can comfortably wear them? Good news – Johnson’s Fur will also take care of the tanning for you! All we need to do is send out the fur to get tanned (at a reasonable price) and return it to you ready to go.


So, if you need a fur, are interested in buying, selling, or having your fur tanned, come to Johnson’s Fur where we can help you with all your fur-related needs. Visit our Contact Us page or call us directly at (717) 766-8166. We’re looking forward to serving you!