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Dye Brown Powder
Price: $3.00

Powder Trap Dye turns traps a dark color. Each 10 gallons of water requires approximately 1 bag of dye.  Directions for use are written on the bag.

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Full Metal Jacket
Price: $23.00

Full Metal Jacket Trap is a trap dip for predator traps, land body grip traps and snares.It is a clear dip that wears like iron and after 24 hours will be odor free. 

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Liquid Antifreeze
Price: $6.00

This is a 16 oz bottle of Glycol.

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Powered Antifreeze
Price: $3.00

This Powder Anti-Freeze is used to keep traps from freezing in the dirt and not firing. Mix with the dirt when making your sets and if used in enough concentration, this anti-freeze should keep your traps working even in below zero weather.

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Renno's Trap Dye
Price: $4.95

Renno's all natural organic trap dye is derived from a certain species of plant, native to the mountains of PA.  This dye will coat traps with a finish that is nearly rust proof and odorless, with the ability to weather several weeks of trapping.

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Speed Dip
Price: $10.00

Speed Dip works well for water traps and land traps, and takes about 2 hours to dry. Speed Dip is mixed with gasoline or lantern fuel to produce a lasting, protective coating on traps. It is available in black and brown and sold by the qt.

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Price: $3.00 - $3.50

White and black trap wax are both oderless. They are also both great for land and water trapping.

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