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Trap Parts

Fox Hollow Pan Adjuster
Price: $15.00

This trap pan adjuster is very conveniant and fits all coil spring and long spring traps. It is more conventional to use rather then a flat head screw driver due to giving you a much more uniform bend to the cross frame.

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J Hooks
Price: $2.50 - $15.00

Heavy Duty 6 Gauge J-Hooks are used with in-line and stake swivels.

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Music Wire Springs
Price: $1.00 - $1.25

These music wire springs come in 3 sizes. #1 1/2, #2 and #3.

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S Hook Tool
Price: $12.00

The Standard S-Hook & Rivet Tool is used for opening and closing S-Hooks and J-Hooks.

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S Hooks
Price: $3.50

Standard S-Hooks are available in two sizes.  The light duty S-Hook (9 Gauge) and the heavy duty S-Hook (3/16" diameter) both have multiple uses on your trapline.  The heavy duty S-Hook will fit over the end of a 1/2" drag or stake.

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Safety Grippers
Price: $6.00

This Safety Grip Tool has a looped end for clipping onto your belt loop and fits all sizes of body grip traps. It is to help prevent the accidental firing of body grip traps.

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Standard Shock Springs
Price: $0.75

Stop Shock Springs can be used as a replacement for a victor soft catch spring but is not designed to be used as an in-line shock spring. This is to help with the impact of an animal pulling and jumping.

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