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Trapping Accessories

Aluminum Pushpins 5-100
Price: $6.50

5/8" Aluminum Head Push Pins - 100

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Price: $7.50

This apron will help to keep you clean while skinning and fleshing.

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Bucket Boss
Price: $15.00

For use on the outside of a 5 gallon bucket, it's an excellent way for keeping your lures, etc. organized and away from your other gear.

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Cable Cutters
Price: $28.00

These Standard Cable Cutters will handle up to 3/16" cable.

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Camouflage Pouch
Price: $3.00 - $5.00

Camouflage pouches are excellent for keeping track of all your accessories whether it be lures, baits, or urines.

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Conibear Trap Setting Tongs
Price: $5.00 - $10.00

These tongs are made wider at the pivot point to reduce spread and to increase longevity.  Available in three sizes.  The small setter is 14" long and is designed for use with #50, #60, #110, #120 and #160 sized body grip traps and are made of 9/16” steel that widens out to 13/16” at the pivot point.   The large setter is 29" long and is designed for use with #220, #280 and #330 sized body grip traps and are made of 1” steel that widens out to 1 1/4” at the pivot point.

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Cover Hulls
Price: $20.00

Excellent during freezing weather, Andy Stoe's Cover Hulls are pure and odorless.  Used the same as you'd use dirt when making sets.

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Dirt Sifter - Heavy Duty Metal
Price: $14.00

This sifter is constructed of 14 gauge steel and 7/8” x 3/8” heavy duty, raised diamond pattern mesh.  The top of the sifter is 10 1/2" x 9" and the bottom of the sifter measures 8 1/2" x 7 1/4".  The sides are slanted making this sifter excellent for scraping up dirt with any side and is built to stand up to many seasons of heavy use on your trapline. 

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Dirt Sifter - Metal
Price: $10.00

This sifter is a favorite among many trappers.  It's 8" x 10" and is excellent for land trappers in making land sets.

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Dirt Sifter - Wooden
Price: $7.00

This economical wooden sifter does its job of removing stones and debris from dirt when constructing sets.  It's the old standby for many land trappers.

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DP Coon Trap Setter
Price: $5.00

This setter makes it easier to compress the springs on the Duke DP, Ztrap, Coon Dagger, Bridger T3 and Lil' Grizz Get'rz traps.

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Fiberglass Pan Covers
Price: $4.00

Fiberglass pan covers come with 24 in a pack and have the opeions of being round or square.

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