Because we are so dedicated to providing our fellow trapping and fur-enthusiasts with the best trapping experience possible, we sell premium deerskin gloves. These gloves are an absolute must when you’re trapping in the cold months of winter, especially wrapping your fingers around the cold metal of traps and accessories. Stay warm with our glove selection!




Men's Deerskin Suede Leather Insulated Mittens


These deerskin mittens have a pullout liner that is extremely soft. They are made from the inner splits of the side of leather.




Men's Deerskin Full Grain Leather Insulated Gloves


These deerskin gloves contain a 40gm thinsulate lining that is incredibly soft and comfortable.












All of Johnsonís Fur gloves are made from natural USA deerskin. They are strong and durable yet soft and flexible providing you with a glove that can get the job done but keep your hands toasty warm. Even after getting wet, they will continue to offer protection against the cold. We have a variety of brands, colors, and sizes in the shop or you can shop online right from home.