About Us

Here at Johnson's Furs we have a wide range of products to meet your trapping needs. From various sized traps to lures and more, we carry it all. If there is something trapping related your looking for and can't find it on our site, please contact us and we will do our best to track it down for you.

Johnson's Fur is a family owned business that was started 10 years ago by Jerry Johnson and his wife Faye. Kathy, Jeff and his children, who are now part owners of the business, say it didn't necessarily start out as a family business but growing up around it they automatically took an interest in it! When business started to increase, the Johnson's sold their cows and horses and moved the fur business to the barn behind their house. Jerry says it was clean enough to keep his children working full time while the couple worked part time!


We love their business and do not think that it's cruel. The animals have to be harvested or else we would be overrun by diseased animals. We eat beef and pork and to get that you have to kill an animal, so what's the difference?


Our dream is that our children will take over the business once we retire although we will never push that on them.

Either way Johnson's Fur is happy to help you with all your trapping needs and accessories!


red fox

Furs and Carcasses

There's never waste. Furs are sold to manufactures and carcasses are sold to rendering plants, which grind up the meat for high protein cattle food and use the bone for fertilizer and sterilize the fat for use is cosmetics.

This country was founded on men buying and selling fur and I love and enjoy it as my hobby and career!



Animals most commonly brought o the shop from area trappers are red and gray foxes, muskrats, minks, raccoons and possums.

We have seen so many diseased animals. That kind of death can be a slow horrible process. Controlling the animal population is the only way to alleviate that pain!